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Dead or Alive 3

Dead or Alive 3 screen shots of character Zack kicking ass in the hit video game by TECMO as featured on the Microsoft Xbox gaming system. Look closely, Dead or Alive 3 even got the package right!

Dead or Alive 3

Maximillian as Zack in the video game Dead or Alive?
Zack shirtless with Oakley's and fire boxer shorts vs Leon

Maximillian as Zack in the video game Dead or Alive?

Zack twisted on the bottom by Bayman --  yet calm and ready to retaliate!

Dead or Alive is by TECMO

Zack has been featured in all of the three Dead or Alive games and is a very popular character amongst Dead or Alive game players both on Xbox and in the arcade. Zack has several alternate costumes besides bareback.

Costume 1 Code: Press A (Bare Chest, Black Fire Trunks)
Costume 2 Code: Press A (Purple Silk Jacket, Teal Shirt, White Silk Pants)

A Dead or Alive feature movie based on the Dead or Alive game is in the works and hopefully will feature Zack prominently.

view a MPG movie clip of Zack vs Christie in fighter action on DOA3

6.1 MB mpg

Dead or Alive 3 is exclusively on
Microsoft's XBOX Gaming System

rated T for teens

Male Model Maximillian :
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Maximillian is not affliated with tecmo or microsoft in any way and does not wish to imply otherwise.
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