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Dead or Alive 3




Dead or Alive 3 best xbox fighting video game by TECMO

Maximillian as Zack in the video game Dead or Alive?
Zack shirtless with his Oakley's and flaming boxer shorts vs Leon

Male Model Maximillian :

Zack or Maximillian?

Dead or Alive 3 character Zack kicking ass Muaythai style in the hit video game by TECMO as featured on the Microsoft Xbox gaming system. Billed as the best fighting game ever and perhaps the best video game of all time. Critically praised for unprecedented graphic detail and fluid gameplay. Look closely, Dead or Alive 3 even got the package right!

Zack rockin' the retro 80's B-Boy sweatsuit
(Sean John, Karl Kani, or FUBU?)

Male Model Maximillian :
Male Model Maximillian with the Game Face on

Maximillian as Zack in the video game Dead or Alive?
Zack twisted on the bottom by Bayman --  yet calm and ready to retaliate!

Zack sporting those timeless Silver Surfer Teletubbie slicks
(Jean-Paul Gaultier, Gucci, or Alexander McQueen?)


Zack has been featured in all of the three Dead or Alive games and is a very popular character amongst Dead or Alive game players on Xbox, DreamCast, Playstation2, and in the arcade. Zack has several alternate costumes besides bareback.

Costume 1 Code: Press A (Bare Chest, Black Fire Trunks)
Costume 2 Code: Press A (Purple Silk Jacket, Teal Shirt, White Silk Pants)
Hint: Defeat twenty opponents in survival mode to unlock Zack's silver surfer bodysuit costume
Tip: Get the free booster disc from the June 2002 Xbox Magazine for Zack's sweatsuit costume
more codes, tips, hints, and cheats coming hints to

MindFire Entertainment
Dead or Alive - The Movie

Constantin Films

The feature film based on the Dead or Alive game is in the works from Constantin Films (the team behind Resident Evil: Apocolypse) and Mindfire Entertainment and will undoubtedly feature Zack with all his power moves and combos prominently. Look for a 2005 release.

Dead or Alive Updated:

Friday 12th March 2004: Dead or Alive Update:
Director Corey Yeun has been signed up to direct Dead Or Alive for Constantin Film. He will start work on the project at the end of this year. The script for the movie has been written by J.F. Lawton.

Tuesday 10th February 2004: Dead Or Alive Update:
Constantin Films has revealed they are in talks with director Corey Yeun to helm their next video game adaptation Dead Or Alive. He will segue to the project after he finishes work on the currently filming The Transporter 2. Filming will take place in Hong Kong.

Monday 3rd November 2003: Dead or Alive Update:
Producer Jeremy Bolt has revealed that he is developing an adaptation of Dead or Alive the computer game with Paul W.S. Anderson, with the script being written by J.F. Lawton.

Wednesday 9th April 2003: Dead or Alive Update:
Impact Pictures and Constantin Films are to bring Tecmo's Dead or Alive
fighting video game franchise to the big screen in association with Mindfire
Entertainment. Impact also has video game-to-movie titles Driver and
Resident Evil 2 in the works.

free MPG movie clip of Zack vs Christie in fight game action on DOA3 here

6.1 MB mpg
Dead or Alive is by TECMO
Dead or Alive 3

Dead or Alive 3 is exclusively on
Microsoft XBOX Gaming System

Dead or Alive 2 : Hardcore is available for
Sony Playstation 2 and Sega Dreamcast
Microsoft XBOX Sony Playstation 2Sega Dreamcast

Dead or Alive 3 Unlockables

Get option to toggle ending credits
Successfully complete the game with all fighters. An option to toggle the ending credits will be unlocked on the game settings screen.

Zack's third outfit
To get Zack's third outfit (the silver outfit from Dead or Alive 2), defeat 20 opponents in Survival mode using Zack.

Unlock Kasumi's 3rd Costume
Complete ''Exercise Mode'' in ''Sparring Mode'' with Kasumi. This costume is her school outfit.

Unlock Ein's 3rd Costume
Complete ''Time Attack Mode'' under 6 minutes with Ein. His 3rd costume is his shirtless and red pants from DOA 2 Hardcore.

Unlock Theater Mode
Complete ''Story Mode'' with a character to unlock ''Theater Mode'' and that ending movie will be available for that character. There are 16 ending movies. Each character has one ending movie.

Kasumi's Loose Hair
When you select Kasumi, press Y to select her with a loose hair. This works for all of her costumes, including her secret school costume.

Unlock Ein
1. Complete ''Story Mode'' with all characters.-> Check the Movie section to see if you are missing anyone. 2. Then play either ''Survival'' or ''Time Attack Mode'' and get ranked in using HAYATE and then enter your nickname as EIN. 3. After that, Ein will be playable in all modes except ''Story Mode''.

Unlock Ayane's School girl (3rd) Costume
Get the silver Xbox item in Survival Mode

Unlock Zack's Fourth Costume
Get the silver Xbox item in Survival Mode

Unlock Ein and Random
These are Unlocked through the survival gametype
Ein as a playable character Play survival as Hayata get at least 1 win and enter your name as "EIN"
Random Character Selection Use EIN in survival mode

Dead or Alive 3 Xbox Easter Eggs

Rotate Camera Angle
After winning a match and your character does their victory pose, you can press the left stick in, then move it around to angle the camera differently. If you press the right stick then move it around, it zooms in and out.

Slow Mo Replay
Once you win a match hold X+A+B until the replay starts. You should then be able to rewind/slow mo the action with the Y button.

Naming your X-Box
Place 1st in Single Survival mode. Whatever name you type in, becomes the name of your X-Box.

Example: If you get 1st and you type in Maxwell, your X-Box will now be called Maxwell.

Dead or Alive 3 Glitches

Health Restore in Survival
When playing in survival mode, press 'start' on a second controller. You will go to a 2-player .vs battle. Defeat the non-moving opponent, and select 'return'. Your health will be fully restored, and your 'wins' count will not reset.

No Status Glitch
This can only be done in single sparring mode not tag. After selecting your character as well as the cpu's, select any stage and pause the game to get sparring menu then select exercise this will switch to exercise mode go to the exercise menu by simply hitting pause again. Go to the command list you should be on the first page called ''attacks'', scroll to the very bottom of it then select that last attack command by hitting the ''A'' button you know you selected it as the command move will stay highlighted. finally flip to the ''down-attacks'' page and unpause the game. If you did it right you should see no status data. To return to normal just switch back to sparring mode


Dead or Alive 3 Xbox Secrets

Change Colors
If you select your character and costume with the ''X'' button most will have an alternate color. Lei Feng has 3 different dress colors based on which button you press (X,Y, or A).

Lei Fang's Dress
Lei Fang has at least four colors for her #1 Chinese dress. Holding the LEFT SHOULDER button down when selecting her will pick her black dress. (or white. its either black or white, since I've seen at least red, blue, white and black)

Kasumi's Braided Ponytail
When you select Kasumi, press X to select her with a braided ponytail hairstyle. This works for all of her costumes including her secret school costume.

Alternative Costumes
To get a different costume for Ayane, Bass, Brad, Christie,
Hayabusa, Hayate, Helena, Hitomi. Highlight their second costumes, then prss X.

Custom weather for snow stage
You can choose the weather for the snow stage in the vs or training mode
simply highlight the snow stage on the stage selection
X: Snowfall
Y: Snow Storm
A: Random

Kasumi's Ninja Ponytail
When you select Kasumi, press A to select her with a ninja ponytail hairstyle. This works for all of her costumes including her secret school costume.

More Dead or Alive 3 Codes, Cheats, and Hints coming soon.

rated T for teens

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